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About Me

Hi Everybody, I´m Catra, a sexy brunette working in Lisbon as Escort. I´m a part time Model, I have a body to die for as I have healthy slim figure, smooth legs, perfect shaped waist and bosom.

I love to indulge in sin pleasure 🙂 My love session is all about kissing, warm embraces, erotic game like blind folding, massage and finally enjoying your thrust inside my body.

I bet you won’t take a break from our intense love making till you have not achieved climax even like to for more. Socializing is a part of my life too, but, I prefer to have fun in my apartment than anywhere else. What I love is when men visit my apartment in evening hours and share their feelings with me. I too make a drink, sometimes make snacks and finally make tender love to refresh them.

So, if you want to spend time alone with a hot model,please send me a nice e-mail:

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